Here it is, my first blog post. My intention is to write more substantive pieces than this one, but I suppose a funny, personal piece is an acceptable way to start.

I received a message on Facebook recently in regards to the documentary (watch here) on the battle between myself and my junior year US History teacher who told us in class that evolution and the big bang are false and unscientific, that dinosaurs were aboard Noah’s Ark, and that if we reject Jesus as our personal savior, we “belong in hell.” These were only a few of the remarks he made during class, and my challenge to his proselytizing led to a media firestorm, and eventually to the documentary that covered the mess.

Most people outside of my hometown of Kearny, New Jersey felt that the teacher, Mr. P, had crossed the line. The New York Times, The Rutherford Institute, Neil deGrasse Tyson, even Bill O’Reilly all agreed that this teacher had gone too far.

But a young gentleman just reached out to me on Facebook after watching thefacebook hilarious message no name documentary on the case and expressed his views, saying “you don’t want god ‘imposed’ on to you but you expect that you can impose science on to others? I don’t think so…”

Yes, how dare we teach kids science…

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