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Matthew LaClair
Upcoming interview with Dr. Michael Shermer
From a 10-step “Baloney Detection” guide to investigations into alien abductions, 9/11 conspiracy theories,  creationism, therapeutic magnetism, and Bigfoot, Dr. Shermer’s new book, Skeptic, presents readers with the tools necessary to think critically about everything, from understandable but misguided assumptions, all the way to baloney, bunkum, balderdash, and bullsh*t. Tune in Saturday, January 23rd at 2PM ET to 99.5FM in the NY Metro area, or listen to our

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Imposing Science on Others Since 2006

Here it is, my first blog post. My intention is to write more substantive pieces than this one, but I suppose a funny, personal piece is an acceptable way to start. I received a message on Facebook recently in regards to the documentary (watch here) on the battle... read more

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